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eCape Hosting & Web Services

RSW Advertising Hosting Services for eCape Customers

eCape Hosting is now part of RSW Advertising

RSW is excited to be able to expand their Digital Marketing Solutions with the acquisition of CTM Media Group / eCape hosting. In addition to CTM Media Group / eCape hosting services, RSW offers a full range of creative solutions to compliment web-hosting, including website design and development.

CTM Media Group today announced an agreement with RSW Advertising to take over the distribution and sales of the popular InfoMaps visitor publications and InfoBoards. The agreement allows CTM to focus on their core visitor out-of-home advertising and distribution business while partnering with RSW Advertising who will now manage the webhosting services previously inherited by CTM with the ECAPE purchase in 2016.

- 4/11/2017

RSW Advertising hosting solutions include:

  • Maintaining and updating email services
  • Managing and storage of website materials on a cloud server
  • Updating SSL certificates and other plugin items related to website
  • Minor/basic website changes. When changes are requested our team will assess the request and give an estimate if work is within our scope.
  • Work beyond 15 minutes will be billed at the appropriate hourly rate
  • Contact for more information

CTM Media Group & Ettractions solutions:

Questions regarding CTM Media Group,, brochure distribution, Best Read Guide Cape Cod, and ExploreBoard touch screens,, and can be sent to 

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