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We come to work each day ready to help visitors find fun fast. Our primary audience is in-market visitors who have arrived at their destination looking for fun things to do, exploring their options at an ExploreBoard touch screen. 

We communicate facts and details about the experiences our clients offer, connecting this information with travelers looking for these same experiences.

Profile and article content is compiled and written by our full-time content editors in the voice of a trusted travel industry expert. We take the information you provide and make necessary edits for formatting, voice, length, and clarity. Content for our ExploreBoard networks is fed from the same content published on for easy access on personal devices including mobile phones, desktops, and tablets.

To ensure a consistent voice and to maximize engagement:

  • We focus on the experience and facts, answering the questions “Why Should You Go?” and “What Should You Know?”
  • Content is written in an active, not passive, voice and we avoid using pronouns.
  • We assume we are talking directly to an "in-market" visitor.
  • Our staff is recommending activities based on facts and media files compiled during our content collection process provided by the businesses themselves.
  • Positive, actionable language with easily searchable keywords is used.

ExploreBoard touchscreen users have already done their preplanning research. They've arrived, and are ready to start having fun. Our copy won't include a bunch of outside links asking visitors to do more homework.

Digital Content Editors are specifically looking for the details of what makes your business unique. We look for only the vital information that an in-market visitor needs to make an informed decision during their moment of discovery. 

WE DON'T "YELL" AT OUR VISITORS USING ALL CAPS OR EXCLAMATION POINTS... NO MATTER HOW EXCITING THE BUSINESS!!! We want to show the fun with great photos, an exciting video, and a descriptive experience of what to expect. While we do promote thousands of different and unique businesses, our information should not come across as being written by thousands of different authors. (That would be very confusing for "your-their-my-our" target audience, right?)

In-market Visitors:

  • Are on the move and ready to make decisions on where to go, where to shop and where to play that day. They are standing in the hotel lobby, transportation center or at a major attraction.
  • 94% of ExploreBoard users report spending at least 1-3 minutes on an ExploreBoard touch screen.
  • Want to be educated, not sold to... 75% of those surveyed said the ExploreBoard strongly influenced their plans. 
  • Are seeking authoritative recommendations for local fun... 88% said they planned to visit a business they discovered on screen.
  • Self-select only the profiles of interest to them... 96% said the ExploreBoard made them aware of new business or tourism attractions in the marketplace.
  • View the ExploreBoard survey results here

We also encourage you to provide your Media Consultant, Sales Manager or Media Coordinator with a video, relevant PDF documents, and photos that show the fun and authentic experience you offer.

Other technical questions may be answered in our FAQ section.




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Our ExploreBoard touch screens are award winners:

Best Travel & Hospitality Deployment for an Interactive Self-Service Kiosk
- Digital Screenmedia Association, 2012

Gold Apex Award in the Interactive Self-Services Solutions Category
- Digital Signage Expoⓖ, 2012

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