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What is Ettractions, Inc.?

Ettractions, Inc. is the digital partner of CTM Media Group and part of IDW Media HoldingsWe specialize in place-based marketing connecting in-market visitors to fun things to do on their vacations. Users self-select information of interest to them using our ExploreBoard touch screens installed at hundreds of high-traffic visitor locations throughout North America. 

What is an ExploreBoard?

ExploreBoards are award-winning interactive visitor information touch screens. They come in several sizes from 10" tablets to 42" screens on pedestal stands (depending on the host location's preference.) 

How Do They Work?

Information is curated by a team of Digital Content Editors based in Woburn, MA, working in tandem with local attractions and businesses. Content, video, photos and documents including maps and menus are pre-loaded on the screens daily to load quickly for the user.

Unlike other static menu boards or internal "wayfinding" signage, ExploreBoard screens are interactive and connect to the internet only for mapping, SMS and e-mail interactions. Content from the boards can easily be sent to a visitor's personal devices like phones and tablets and referenced during their visit on the website. 

Who Uses ExploreBoards?

Our primary audience is visitors who have arrived at their destination and are looking for fun things to do. View 2016 Bentley University ExploreBoard Findings Here

What Kind of Information is Featured on ExploreBoards?

We feature business profiles with photos, videos, descriptions of "What You Should Know" and "Why Should You Go?" along with PDFs including menus, maps, and brochures as well as events and special offers. All content is professionally curated by our full-time Digital Content Editors to maximize visitor engagement.

How Does the "Around Here" Feature Work?

Using the Google-recognized address provided, profiles also show the 5-10 published businesses in closest proximity to the one under consideration. This helps the visitor learn what else is available in the area and plan their vacation time more efficiently.  The "Around Here" feature is one of the top 5 most popular options used by visitors. 

How Does the "More Like This" Feature Work?

Based on the categories a business is assigned to, web and mobile profiles will show 5-10 published in the same category (in closest proximity.) We do not offer category exclusivity for clients, so while a competitor may come up in this section, keep in mind that your business would also come up if your competitor's profile was in view. (It works both ways.)

How Does "Booking" Work? 

The primary role of Ettractions, Inc. and, is to make in-market visitors aware of local businesses. We think our profiles are pretty awesome, but even we understand that it would be the marketing equivalent of a half-court shot at the buzzer for someone to learn about a product or service and immediately make a purchase during a 3-5 minute session (using a public screen!) 

Consumers still typically research a few sites to find the "best" deal or to confirm online reviews. In the special instance that someone is looking to book right away, profiles can be sent to visitors upon request via SMS or an e-mailed link to complete a purchase/transaction through your preferred (secure) reservation or ticketing site on their own trusted device.

Keep in mind: Consumers may learn about a business through an Ettractions, Inc. product like an ExploreBoard or and purchase their tickets through another site like Groupon (or one of your affiliate partners) found during their mobile search. 

May I Add, Update, Edit, or Upload My Profile Information Myself?  

You may certainly provide content and request changes by email to or through your Media Consultant, Media Coordinator, or Sales Manager. With an Advertiser login, you may submit your changes through our website.

IMPORTANT: ExploreBoards are not oversized internet browsers. Our touch screens do not navigate to outside websites during user sessions. All copy must be free and clear of any website links or addresses. Users may take individual profiles with them by e-mail or SMS, where client website and booking urls are promoted. 

All change requests will be reviewed by a Digital Content Editor prior to publishing and may be edited for content, clarity, and voice.

Profiles are published and scheduled based on contracted date ranges through CTM Media Group and/or Certified Folder Display programs. If you are not a customer or ExploreBoard host location partner, please contact your nearest CTM Media Group or Certified Folder Display office for more information. 

Why Are Screen Take-Over Video Ads 20 Seconds or Less and Silent?

By design, ExploreBoards are meant to be touched and help visitors find fun fast. We understand that many media outlets have a standard 30 or 60-second video format for television or digital signage screens dedicated to video impressions, and we also know that our visitor audience is on the move in a high-traffic area and typically spends 3-5 minutes per session at the screen.

Shorter videos rotating along with screen content that is constantly in motion encourages a visitor to touch your video advertisement to learn specific details about your business like where you are located and what is happening today.

Since these ads run 24/7 and are typically installed in hotel lobbies within earshot of front desk staff, there is no sound as a courtesy to our host partner.

How Can I Promote My Business on ExploreBoards?

Reach out to your nearest CTM Media Group office or e-mail for more information.


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Our ExploreBoard touch screens are award winners:

Best Travel & Hospitality Deployment for an Interactive Self-Service Kiosk
- Digital Screenmedia Association, 2012

Gold Apex Award in the Interactive Self-Services Solutions Category
- Digital Signage Expoⓖ, 2012

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