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Touchless ExploreBoard Demo

Answers to Frequently Asked ExploreBoard Questions

Touchless ExploreBoards access an audience of visitors on their vacation when they are looking for fun things to do. 

How do Touchless ExploreBoards work?

Receive 30-second increments of screen time on 32" and 42" screens installed at high traffic visitor locations. Your business name, address, phone number, copy describing the experience you offer, and one video is featured on-screen during your 30-second spot. No video? No problem. 5-10 photographs will rotate inside the media box instead.

Profiles continuously appear in the rotation when the screens are on. The number of times your campaign appears varies by the number of participating businesses and active screens installed in your selected ExploreBoard network.

What does my campaign include?

Every ExploreBoard campaign is published on and includes enhanced listing features and benefits including booking info, special offers, fun facts, insider tips, up to 3 PDFs including menus or schedules, maps, directions, events, special exhibits, and so much more.

All profile information encourages an in-market visitor to make a reservation or booking decision quickly without having to navigate multiple pages on your website for answers to frequently asked questions. A professional Content Coordinator is available Monday - Friday to assist you with your campaign content, media files, and to answer your questions by e-mail or phone. 

Consider upgrading your business profile to include a digital signage campaign. "Screen takeover" videos up to 20 seconds in length are inserted in the profile content rotation every 2 minutes and make a significant impact from across the room. 

Contact your CTM Media Group representative for details on advertising or hosting an ExploreBoard at your location.

What about original ExploreBoard touchscreens?

ExploreBoard touchscreens are still widely available; view a list of current locations here.

The difference is that touchscreens offer full user-selected interactions with content from your entire profile, including maps, directions, detailed event information, video, photos, menus, etc. 

Watch a Touchless ExploreBoard Demo:


To activate a touchless ExploreBoard demo, click on a destination from the list below:




*** If you get a 404 error when trying to launch the demo, please first click the link below to activate the viewing app. (It will be blank.) Then return to click the destination link again.***


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