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Get Cheesy in Amish Country

Highlighting the three major cheese players in Amish Country.

Ohio’s Amish Country, a place steeped in traditional values, is in no short supply of handmade goods, foods, and crafts. Cheese is one of America’s most popular foods, and in Amish Country, you can visit shops and learn about how cheese is made as well as feast on plenty of samples and treats.

First stop on the cheese-venture through Amish Country is Heini’s Cheese Chalet. Dating back to 1935, Heini’s is a family owned and operated business that likes to keep things old school. All cheese is made from 100% Amish Farm Milk, and they boast over 70 varieties of cheese. While you’re there, take a tour of the facility to learn about the process behind this beloved dairy snack.

Guggisberg Cheese brings their cheese-craft all the way from the Swiss Alps, where founder Alfred Guggisberg first began making cheeses. He came to America in 1947 and founded his cheese shop, which has grown into the popular brand that it is today. Learn about the history of cheese and bring a wheel (or several) home.

To round off the list is the Broad Run Cheese House. Started in 1933 by a group of local dairy farmers, Broad Run has become an award-winning cheese power house. They received the notable “Ohio Grand Champion Cheese” award in 2001, and have kept up their tradition of excellence. They have many varieties and blends of cheese- sample some classic cheeses like cheddar or Swiss, or try more interesting flavors such as Danish blue or spicy horseradish. Be sure visit their winery and savor the classic combination of cheese and wine.


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