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Pike Pub and Brewery Keeps Things Local

An In-Depth Look at of Seattles Premiere Beer

Finding good food and drink is one of the most important details to consider on any trip, and Seattle is full of interesting places to discover. But one locale you really need to experience is the Pike Pub at Pike Brewing Company.

Opened in 1996, it has been a favorite to both tourists and locals for their exquisite food and beverages. “We are one of the first craft brewers to get started in Washington state,” says Zan McColloch-Lussier, Communications & Events Director. “We’re definitely not a flash in the pan brewery.”

Located right next to the famous Pike Place Market, it’s no surprise that they specialize in locally-sourced artisan food. After all, why would they settle for anything less? “The food at the Pike Pub is really upscale, locally sourced pub fare,” says McColloch-Lussier. “Everything down to our hot sauces are made right in the area. We try to keep everything as local as possible.”

Pairing food and drink is one of the most important aspects to any meal, and Pike Brewing Company is dedicated to getting it right. “We make sure that our beers are brewed to accompany food,” he says. But that doesn’t mean the beers are bland or boring. From classic brews to stuff like a blonde coffee blend, the brewers have fun creating and experimenting with the different ingredients and flavors at their disposal.

And with a great relationship with the nearby hops farmers, it’s easy to see why the beers stand out. “There’s some nuance of flavors in our beers and that makes them really drinkable,” he states. That makes the brewery a bit protective of their ingredients. Their house brewing yeast is 27 years old and a sample of it is kept locked in a special safe in Portland, OR. Even the water is more than something out of the tap. “We have fantastic water that comes right out of the Cascade mountains that we brew with.”

Besides using locally-sourced foods and businesses, Pike Brewing Company also gives back to the community with three signature charity events every year. Piketoberfest is a harvest festival during October that benefits The Pike Market Foundation. Chocofest, just before Valentine’s Day, is a celebration of sensuous foods, chocolate, wine, spirits, and beer designed to support the Puget Soundkeeper Alliance. And the Women in Beer event during Seattle Beer Week teaches guests about the influence of women in the history of beer while benefitting Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest. “We feel it’s really important for people to know that women are a major part of the history of beer,” states McColloch-Lussier.

Speaking of history, tours of the brewery are also available. These family-friendly tours give you a chance to go through the entire brewing process and learn the history of beer, and even try samples of the brews. “We want people to feel close to the beer, to demystify it and understand what it is,” states McColloch-Lussier. The guides are enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and the walls are simply covered with memorabilia from breweries all over the country. “If you’re a beer lover and you’re in Seattle, just seeing the walls of the brewery is amazing.”

The pub is right in the brewery, too, so after a tour you can sit right down and relax with a great meal. And with a new seafood restaurant being added, there will soon be even more to enjoy. “We want people to have a really nice dining experience. We put just as much effort into our food as our beers.” Even the brewery is expanding, with six new fermentation tanks going in right next to the restaurant.

Along with a commitment to great local food and drink, the Pike Pub at Pike Brewing Company stands out in the Seattle crowd for being so friendly. “All of our staff are just the friendliest people,” McColloch-Lussier says. “We’re really clear that we’re a public house, so everyone’s welcome. A lot of locals treat it like their living room. It’s a comfortable space; it does well for a date night or a group of friends.”

-By Ettractions Digital Content Editor, ALLISON BENNETT

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