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Top 10 Things to Do In Minnesota

Minnesota is a beautiful destination with plenty of sparkling lake shores are Minneapolis-St. Paul has plenty of museums and fun.

Welcome to Minnesota, where everything and everyone is certainly "Minnesota nice." As the "land of 10,000 lakes," it's certainly got a lot of space for outdoor water activities. If you fall into the cultural and cool category, head to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area for plenty of museums, boutiques and restaurants. Here are our top 10 things to do in Minnesota. 


1. Shopper's Paradise

The most impressive shopping experience is right here in Minnesota. Welcome to the Mall of America, where shopping isn’t just an activity; it’s a full blown experience. You’ll find all of your favorite shopping destinations here, and when you need a break, you can grab a bite and refuel or check out some of the great attractions the mall has to offer.

2. Play the Slots

Minnesota is the perfect place to place your bets or ante up. Take some time away from the kids and enjoy drinks and gaming for a more grown up night of entertainment. With casinos like Canterbury Park offering everything from slots to racetracks, to table games, there’s something for everyone.

3. Museums

While visiting Minnesota you can learn and discover new things that you didn’t know before. Check out some of the museums Minnesota has to offer. Learn about the explosive world of mining with a trip to the Mill City Museum. Thereare plenty of niche museums to explore if you're looking for something more unique. Other popula rmuseums include the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts, Walker Arts Center and the Science Museum of Minnesota.

4. Explore On Two Wheels 

Mountain biking enthusiasts will love all of the great trails available in Minnesota, like the Heartland State Trails. The cycling doesn’t have to stop just because summer ends. With a number of bike trails remaining open and maintained throughout the winter months, there is always a place to ride.

5. Fore

Enjoy Minnesota’s great outdoors while putting around the golf course! Minnesota has plenty of beautifully manicured golf courses, like the Bulrush Golf Club and Falcon Ridge. They offer a challenging golfing experience while also enjoying the natural beauty of the region.

6. Experience Military History

Pay a visit to Historic Fort Snelling and learn about the US’s military history from pre-Civil War through the Second World War. You’ll learn about the fur trade, the War of 1812, American Indian history and more as you walk through this historic stronghold.

7. Petroglyphs

See history that is literally older than dirt. The Jeffers Petroglyphs are carvings in rock that predate the pyramids and Stonehenge. See these ancient carvings for yourself and get swept up in the majesty and beauty of time.

8. Visit the Animals

See some top notch zoos that will impress even the biggest animal fans of the family. You’ll see all the exotic animals you could hope for. Between the Minnesota Zoo, the Superior Lake Zoo and the Como Zoo, you’ll have plenty of options for a great day of family fun and adventure.

9. Amusement Park

Take the family out for a day of excitement and check out one of the amusement parks that Minnesota has to offer. If you’re in the Mall of America, check out Nickelodeon Universe, or if you’re visiting in the summer months, try some of the water parks like Water Park of America and Bunker Beach.

10. Visit the Aquarium

See some great water-based wildlife with a trip to the Great Lakes Aquarium. Visit the otters or check out any of the other awesome exhibits the Aquarium has to offer for some family fun that everyone can enjoy.

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