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Thirty Antique Shops on One Street

Spend an Entire Weekend Antiquing on Cherokee Antique Row in Saint Louis

Cherokee Antique Row sits just ten minutes south of the St. Louis Arch. Well-known for its historic nineteenth century storefronts, Cherokee Row covers six blocks and over thirty antique and specialty shops. Temporarily escape the modern city and experience a quaint, almost nostalgic atmosphere. Barbara Moore and her husband opened Riverside Architectural Antiques in 1979. A Cherokee Street occupant for over 36 years, she understands why the district is so special. 

“All the shops are different. My store carries architectural items such as doors, windows and mantles. Other stores carry vintage clothing, glassware, furniture, vintage vinyl records, or artwork. Fine antiques to funky collectables,” she explains. One of the more interesting objects currently in her store is a six- foot tall figure that [they think] came off a carousel.storefront

Barbara and her husband are always looking for something different and they usually get new additions to the store every week. “We get a lot of frames, doorknobs, doors, [and other architectural items] from people who are rehabbing their homes. They take out the old and we buy it.”

According to Barbara, Cherokee Antique Row is a place for all kinds of people. In fact, her favorite part of the job is meeting the diverse visitors that come to her shop. “I love working on a street where I’m meeting new people. People come to Cherokee from all over the world. It’s nice to see where they from and why they’re visiting. dogs

She sees a wide range of age groups frequenting the shops. “It’s a great place for families and it’s amazing that some kids are already into collecting things, like antique keys or little cars. They’ll come in looking for those to add to their collection,” she says.

Barbara advises allowing at least a weekend to experience Cherokee Antique Row in its entirety. Be sure to take advantage of several restaurants, a coffee shop and bakery, outdoor dining options and patios as well as the historic Chatillon-DeMenil and Lemp Mansions—both located around the corner. She suggests dressing comfortably and wearing shoes suitable for walking. 

Whether you are a seasoned antique collector, searching for a statement piece for a new home, or simply looking for a fun, relaxing day out, there is something for everyone at Cherokee Antique Row. With its seemingly endless array of antique shops paired with the warm, welcoming attitudes of the shop owners, this district is a must-see destination Saint Louis visitors. 

-By Ettractions Digital Content Editor, PAULA MARINO

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