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What Makes Coca-Cola So Classic

An Inside Look at the World of Coca-Cola

When you're in Atlanta, don't forget to experience the World of Coca-Cola, the only place where visitors can not only learn the history of the iconic soft drink, but get close to the vault that holds the secret formula inside. According to Jacquie Wansley, Group Marketing Manager at The World of Coca-Cola, there is all kinds of intrigue about the aforementioned formula. “There are all sorts of legends and innuendo surrounding the formula. Some say only two people know in the whole world, and they are required to travel on two separate planes.” (Therefore, in case of disaster, the formula would not be lost forever!) 

Over 25 million guests have visited this attraction since the original World of Coca-Cola opened its doors in 1990. Ten years ago, they opened at its current location. According to Wansley, visitors come from all over the world spanning six continents, from more than 100 countries and all 50 states. “It’s the quintessential Atlanta experience,” she says, “it’s the only World of Coca-Cola there is.”

The most popular exhibit is “Taste It!” where visitors can taste more than 100 international and domestic beverages made by The Coca-Cola Company. The most memorable of the selections is ‘Beverly’, a bitter aperitif that was once used in Italy to cleanse the palate between meals. It is no longer produced, and can only be tasted at this exhibit. “Beverly uses quinine water instead of purified water and it has the extract of grapefruit which is very distinct. People trick their family and friends into having it. It’s very different with a sharp bite,” says Wansley. “Taste It!” also provides guests the opportunity to taste limited time and upcoming products.

What makes Coke so classic and iconic? Wansley, paraphrasing Andy Warhol, says “the rich and famous drink a Coca-Cola”. “It is the same Coke they get, that you get. No one person has one that is better or worse. Every Coke is the same, every Coke is good,” she says. Another reason for America’s deep love Coca-Cola is its omnipresence. “During a family reunion, Coke was probably there. In some memory that is special to you, family and friends, Coca-Cola was there in the background. Maybe not the centerpiece, but always there in some way.”

- By Ettractions Digital Content Editor PAULA MARINO   


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