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Find Out If You Are A Baller

An Inside Look at The College Basketball Experience

Lace up your sneakers and get ready to immerse yourself in plenty of invigorating, interactive exhibits for all ages at The College Basketball Experience. More than just history and statistics, this attraction brings a traditional sport Hall of Fame to the next level. Celeste Lupercio, Director of Sales, Marketing and Events, provides an insider look at what makes The CBE a “must-visit” for your Kansas City itinerary. 

What is The College Basketball Experience?

We’re a Hall of Fame, first and foremost, the official Hall of Fame for Men’s College Basketball. It’s the only national hall of fame for college. It was designed as a place to honor the individuals who have had a wonderful college career but don’t necessarily go on to play in the NBA. We induct players, coaches and contributors.

What makes The CBE unique?

We’ve created an experience that gives people a better appreciation for what they’re visiting with interactive exhibits. Interactive experience is key, especially in bringing back visitors.

What different types of exhibits are there?

There are over twenty different interactive exhibits that utilize every skill you’d possess in order be a successful college basketball player. Everything is authentic—[for example] the rims, nets and flooring. Nothing is artificial and everything is full sized. We have a full sized court and also a 3-on-3 challenge court. Since dunking on a 10 foot hoop is pretty difficult, we also have 9 foot, 8 foot and 7 foot hoops for slam dunking. There’s a 3-point challenge, “Beat the Buzzer” challenge and exhibits to practice free throws and passing. Other less physical exhibits are just as fun as far as the experience goes, such as measuring vertical jump and wingspan.

What is the most popular exhibit?

Everyone seems to gravitate toward the “Center Court,” the main court when they come in to dribble and shoot a round. The “ESPNU Desk” is probably the second most popular. You can sit behind an ESPNU broadcasting desk, choose a well-known basketball game and call the highlights as the announcer using a teleprompter. After, you can email the video recording to yourself. It’s a very popular exhibit for both adults and kids. The adults take it very seriously, trying to get it perfect. The kids just like seeing themselves on TV. 

When is a good time to visit The CBE and how much time to allow for a visit?

Any time is a great time to come, we are open year-round. During the summer, we are open for 77 straight days. Typically, you will spend about 2 hours in here if you’re going to go through and do everything once. If you love the history of college basketball, you’ll be in here longer.

-By Ettractions Digital Content Editor, PAULA MARINO

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