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Top 5 Things to Do In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has a perfect balance of city and country.

Visit Pennsylvania where you can explore the city that initiated our nation's freedom in Philadelphia and see the rolling hills and buggies in Amish Country.

1. Initiation of Independence

You can’t visit Pennsylvania without exploring the city where liberty was born. Take a tour of National Constitution Center, just blocks from the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall where the nation's forefathers declared our independence from Britain. With over 100 multimedia exhibits, this interactive museum allows visitors to better understand the history behind how our country was shaped through the U.S. Constitution.

2. Must-See Museums

If art is what excites you, then you've come to the right place. Fans of classic art should head straight to the Philadelphia Museum of Art where they can see a massive collection of some of the greatest pieces of all time. On the contrary, if you’re interested in the story of humankind through science, experience three stories of archeological treasures at the Penn Museum or plan your visit to Pennsylvania's most visited museum, The Franklin Institute - where they've captured fun down to a science. 

3. Cheer on the Team

Get into the competitive spirit with tickets to one of Pennsylvania’s exciting sporting events. Cheer on the Penguins or Flyers on the ice, or celebrate when the Eagles score a touchdown. No matter what sport you love, you’re bound to find all the sports action you desire in PA.

4. Explore Amish Country

Take a trip to the quieter side of the state with a visit to the Amish community. Enjoy a horse and buggy ride, or sample some real wholesome homemade food, straight from the farm to the table. Enjoy the quiet and relaxing side of Pennsylvania when you stay in the countryside.

5. Crystal Cave 

Visit the state’s most amazing natural wonder. Go underground and see some of the most amazing rock formations and learn about the geology of the caves. Grab tickets today and see the wonder of the Crystal Caves for yourself.

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