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Chicago's Best in Chow

An Inside Look at Chicago Food Planet's Tastiest New Tour

There’s nothing better than trying local fare when you’re in a new city. But what if you only have a few days, but you don’t want to miss any of the city’s specialties? Chicago Food Planet has solved this dilemma with their “Best in Chow” tour.  This tour is designed to give visitors that quintessential Chicago food experience by stopping at the big-name restaurants you’ve probably heard of—like Lou Malnati’s, Al’s Beef and of course, Portillo’s Hot Dogs. 

“This tour is a one-stop-shop,” says Randi Alexander, Director of Marketing at Chicago Food Planet. “Time is valuable for everybody, so this tour makes it possible to knock out those staples.” Not only for tourists, this tour is ideal for Chicagoans who have left the city and miss their hometown delicacies. 

Navigating through the historically-rich neighborhoods of River North and Streeterville, this isn’t just a tour about food. “What surprises people most, is how comprehensive the tour is,” Alexander explains, “Our guides have a script that covers a three-hour time frame filled with history, architecture and culture of the Chicago food scene.”

While “Best in Chow” is Chicago Food Planet’s newest food tour, has only been running sinceMarch 2017, it has already become their most popular tour. Lou Malnati’s features that iconic deep dish pizza that Chicago is known for, and it is often called the best in the city. On the tour, visitors will each get their own full slice. Another fan favorite is Al’s Beef, which dates back to 1938, located in Chicago’s “Little Italy” neighborhood.

Those with a sweet tooth might be more interested in tasting Chicago’s signature chocolate-glazed brownie, or the many flavors of Garrett’s Popcorn. No matter what tempts your taste buds, you won’t leave hungry.

Tickets for “Best in Chow” can be purchased online.

- By Ettractions Digital Content Editor PAULA MARINO 

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