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Wide-Eyed in Wisconsin

Cheese it up in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin has a variety of attractions that are as diverse as its landscape. From ice cold beer, to high tea, and even some family fun, Wisconsin is a great destination with something for everyone.

1. Schuster Mansion

Travel back in time to an age of refinery at the Schuster Mansion. Be prepared to raise your pinky and partake of fine High Tea, just like Molly Schuster did back in the 1800s. You’ll start with a lesson in 1800s table etiquette, followed by a buffet of 7 different teas and plenty of treats and baked goods.

View of Milwaukee skyline from the water.

2. Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery

For the adults, the Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery offers a fun and educational look inside the first of Milwaukee’s great breweries. Established in 1844, the Pabst Brewery gives tours of the brewery just as they did when tours started over 70 years ago. You’ll see how the beers are made, get to take a picture with Captain Pabst in the courtyard, and even have a cold one in the historical Blue Ribbon Hall.


3. Milwaukee County Zoo

Travelers can visit over 2,000 mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles on over 200 acres of land at the Milwaukee County Zoo. Special events, wildlife shows and other attractions make this zoo one of the top in the nation. There’s plenty of stuff for kids to do too, and enough to keep teens and adults entertained as well.


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