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Dog Lover and Fisherman The Real George Washington

Learn About The First President With A Visit To Mount Vernon

Everyone knows George Washington as the first President of the United States…but how much to you really know about the man on the $1 bill?  Get to Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home, located just 16 miles south of DC.

Set upon the sprawling forty-acre grounds, the centerpiece of Mount Vernon is Washington’s mansion—its appearance and furnishings restored to reflect 1799, the final year of his life. Rebecca Aloisi, Vice President of Marketing at George Washington’s Mount Vernon, says a tour of the mansion can be around fifteen to thirty minutes long while premium tours last an hour. 

Aloisi explains there is much more to Mount Vernon than the mansion tour. “There are many gardens where you can see all of the plants in bloom and learn about agricultural activities. Washington was a very successful entrepreneurial farmer.” Kids (and adults!) will love seeing the sheep and hogs that live on the farm, true to what Washington owned during his time on the estate.

The museum and education center features an interactive, 4D-theater features seats that rumble when cannon go off.  The museum contains objects owned by Washington and his family. Ever wonder if he really had wooden teeth? Come see for yourself, as his dentures are on display. “It’s an immersive experience that takes you through his life. From his early days as a surveyor, his experience during the French and Indian War and into the presidency.” Learn about Washington’s love of dogs, his success as a farmer and fisherman, how he excelled at distilling and more.

 “The hands-on nature of Mount Vernon makes it engaging for kids. The characters [portrayed by actors] on the grounds can talk about what life was like during that time,” says Aloisi. The scene is always different. From weaving a fishnet to spinning wool or cooking a meal on a campfire, there is always something new to see and new to learn.

Mount Vernon offers different add-on tours, such as “Gardens & Groves”, “Dinner for the Washington’s”, and “The Enslaved People of Mount Vernon”. Dog lovers will enjoy “All the President’s Pups”; a dog-friendly tour where you and your pup can learn about canine life at the estate.  There are several more to choose from and tours are seasonal. Mount Vernon, however, is open 365 days a year. “The Washington’s were known for their hospitality and we try to keep that spirit alive.”

To experience everything at Mount Vernon, families should allow three to four hours. “We want to give people a thorough education and teach them about Washington’s life, his town and why his legacy is important—from the precedence he established to the important role he played in America’s founding.” 

- By Ettractions Digital Content Editor PAULA MARINO

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