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Cruise Into A Good Time

A Look at Hornblower Cruises in San Diego

There’s no better way to enjoy the amazing weather, landmarks, and San Diego cuisine than on a cruise. From harbor to cocktails to dinner, Hornblower Cruises has everything you could ask for.

Boasting the largest fleet in the US, Hornblower Cruises can be found along the California coastline, and have even expanded out to New York. They’re especially popular in San Diego. “We do daily harbor cruises six times a day, seven days a week, every day of the year,” says Kelly Sanderson, the Southern California Marketing Manager. With a fully narrated tour and over 50 landmarks to see, it’s extremely popular. “It’s easy for tourists to just hop on and see the area.”

Southern California’s marine life can easily be enjoyed. Grey and Blue Whales can be spotted migrating through San Diego’s waters depending on the time of year. Sea lions are also quite prominent, with the daily cruises officially labeled Harbor Cruise and Sea Lion Adventures. Sanderson adds, “Sometimes there are dolphins in the bay, and there are all kinds of seabirds.”

Dinner cruises are also a staple of the Hornblower experience. Enjoyed over three hours, the three-course meal includes champagne or sparkling cider and a beautiful view of the harbor at sunset. And even better, you’re guaranteed a private table with your party. “We do private table seating, not cruise style seating where you might be seated with others,” she says. And for those who wish to make new friends, the yacht is open for guests to explore and socialize. “You have complete access to the boat so you can go around the decks. The dinner is paced a little bit longer than a normal restaurant’s so you have time for exploring the decks and dancing.”

Specialty cruises are available around the holidays, too. Depending on the day, the yacht might be decorated and the menu altered to celebrate the season. 

Standard cruises aren’t the only things offered. “We also have a whole other side to the business, which is our charter business,” Sanderson says. Plan a unique private event for your group with a delicious menu and dazzling San Diego scenery, from weddings to birthdays to corporate parties. With a fleet of seven yachts in a variety of sizes, there’s plenty of options to make that special affair possible. “Any sort of private event you want to do, we can accommodate that.”

“Our tagline is ‘We create amazing experiences,’” says Sanderson. “Our employees are trained to really make sure people are having a good time and create memorable experiences.”

-By Ettractions Digital Content Editor, ALLISON BENNETT

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