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Stunts and Swashbuckling in Orange County

Next-Level Pirate Dinner Theater

Ready for thrills upon the seven seas, sailing aboard a Spanish galleon manned by a mad crew and lead by a ruthless captain? Swashbuckling escapades and good food await you at Pirate’s Dinner Adventure in Buena Park, CA.

“This is a live stunt show with elements of musical theater,” says Ed Bangasser, show manager and one of the contracted performers. Not quite Pirates of the Caribbean but certainly not Pirates of Penzance, this a delightful mix of action, music, comedy, and drama with a pirate twist. “A lot of people don’t know what to expect when they see the show.”

In the show, the evil pirate, Captain Sebastian the Black, has returned to take his revenge. Kidnapping the king’s daughter, Princess Anita, and the Golden Gypsy, he plans to use them to find the legendary treasure of the terrifying Sea Dragon. But the captain’s son, Benjamin, has fallen in love with the princess, and must decide where his loyalties lie. The audience cheers for their favorite pirate to become the first mate.

“During the show, you’re encouraged to root for your pirate and boo for the others,” says Bangasser. The show is highly interactive, with kids invited onto the ship to take the pirate’s oath to the crew mingling with children and adults alike long before the show even starts. “We are one of the most interactive live stunt shows in the world.”

And stunts abound. With sword fighting, trampolines, aerial acrobatics, 32 ft falls, hand-to-hand combat, and more, the crew can afford no slouches. “It takes a good amount of training,” states Bangasser. It has to since the performers use real swords and real gunpowder, and all the stunts are live. “There’s always the potential for danger.”

Despite the risk, the performers are happy to do it. “I wouldn’t be doing it for 9 years if it wasn’t fun. We get paid to play pirates,” says Bangasser, who’s trained in 7 of the 9 men’s roles. “We have a lot of guys who are in the stunt industry in Hollywood, working for famous people, who still come back because they love it so much.”

Pillaging and plundering make hungry pirates, and dinner thankfully comes with admission. Enjoy chicken, shrimp and vegetable skewers, cake for dessert and unlimited soft drinks. Adult "grog-lovers" can head to the bar for liquid libations.

Pirate’s Dinner Adventure is an ideal family show. With great action and drama, slapstick for the kids and plenty of jokes designed to go over their heads, it’s certainly developed a following. “The kids really, really enjoy the show but we get adults who love it too,” says Bangasser. “To really enjoy the show you just have to let loose.”

“This show is something to be seen. It’s not something you’ll see anywhere else,” says Bangasser. “I recommend it to anybody looking to have a good time out.”

-By Ettractions Digital Content Editor, ALLISON BENNETT

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