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Meet the Wolfman

Beware of the gruff and wild Wolfman at Clark's Trading Post

Clark’s Trading Post has the longstanding reputation as a family-owned business full of character. This character could be attributed to the members of the Clark family who have handed down the reigns to the trading post over the years.  It could be attributed to features such as the Bear Show or Yandong Chinese Acrobatic Troupe that allow Clark’s to stand out in a very unique fashion. But, without question, one personality at Clark’s Trading Post that has captured guests’ attention is the Wolfman.  wolfman

Embarking on a train ride around the park, guests eagerly stare out into the woods, awaiting a glimpse of the wild Wolfman. Moments later, the sound of a roaring engine of a hot rod car erupts from the woods, quickly followed by vibrant shouting. The Wolfman makes his presence known.

“Get off my property, you lily-livered flat-nose flatlanders!” Wolfman frantically screams as he waves his shot gun in the air while chasing the train away.

From the coon-skin cap and eye patch to the mismatched construction boots, Wolfman’s appearance alone is spectacle to behold.

Anyone who has visited Clark’s knows that the Wolfman is not one too keen to entertain guests, but we were able to talk to him and learn a bit more about the man behind the gruff, wild exterior.

original wolfmanThe legend of the Wolfman began in 1973 with a young man named Leon Noel. As Noel was finishing clearing dead trees from around the railroad tracks, he heard the train approaching and moved quickly to pull a prank on the train’s conductor and engineer. He put on a coonskin cap and eye-patch that he brought with him, grabbed a big stick and came barreling towards the train yelling at the people to get away from his property.

This practical joke quickly sparked confusion and amusement among the conductor, engineer and the passengers on the train.

“This was such a big hit,” said the current Wolfman, “It was in the next year that the legend of the Wolfman began to grow, he was the first in a long line of Wolfmen.”

Ever since, the Wolfman appears each spring from the White Mountains, where he was raised by wolves, to reclaim his property and protect his “Unobtainium” mine.

“Of course I always tell them [guests] to stay away from the mine, because it is a-mine, not a-yours,” said Wolfman.

Normally, people do not take kindly to being yelled at, but each day crowds pour into the train, excited to be scolded by the Wolfman.

“He’s got a very limited, but extremely colorful vocabulary,” said Wolfman. “So he tends to call people out, in all sorts of strange and funny phrases that have been passed down over the years.”

The guests are even encouraged to join in by shouting, “Scram you old goat!” at the Wolfman as he chases them.

The daily exchange between the Wolfman and his intruders is not all shouting and raucous, however.

“The fun thing about the Wolfman is that is he scary, like a nightmare can be scary,” said Wolfman. “But Wolfman Larry actually loves people, even children, and will pose for pictures and sign autographs at the end of the day.”

Of course, this is only on the condition that they leave his Woodlands property afterwards.

“It’s all a little silly, and a little larger than life,” said Wolfman. “Wolfman always is and always will be.”

wolfman with kids


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